Stepping Stones Recovery House for Women is a residential recovery program in the beautiful Comox Valley. Our society welcomes anyone who expresses, identifies or lives as a woman and is seeking recovery – we are trans inclusive. We celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) and understand the vital role we play in creating a safe and welcoming space for all women. We can be different together.

Women who come to Stepping Stones can expect to be treated with respect and given an opportunity to heal from their addiction and the wounds that came before.

Our common desire at Stepping Stones House is to help women who want to break free from a lifestyle of addiction. Stepping Stones Recovery House for Women provides a safe and supportive environment for a maximum of six resident women who have committed to participate in a three-month, (up to six months), program. During the 3 months residents will receive group therapy, life coaching, participate in 12 step study group, in-house 12 step meetings, fitness, community 12 step meetings and more.

Stepping Stones also has a 2 second stage transitional housing beds located on a separate floor in our facility for women who have completed our 3 month first stage treatment program. These residents will also receive group therapy, life coaching, be part of 12 step in-house meetings, also do community volunteer work, schooling, or a part-time job.

Women here are given the privacy and help they need to rediscover themselves and begin to recover in mind, body and spirit from the devastation of alcoholism and drug addiction.

The women we serve will come to believe that they have worth, that they have a useful purpose in society, that they can fulfill their lost dreams and that they belong. Also, they will gain a new lease on life.