From Jan: “For the last three years, I have had the honor and the privilege of being part of the team of volunteers at Stepping Stones Recovery House for Women. My original intent was to bless the residents and other team members with the donation of my time and love. As usually happens in God’s world, the blessings have turned out to be mine. I write this with tears of love and gratitude streaming down my cheeks.

Nothing to this point in my life has given me the degree of joy and satisfaction that I have experienced watching the transformation of our residents.

I regularly see former residents, beautiful, bright happy women active and productive out in our community who were only a short time ago, totally broken, destitute and full of despair. To know that somehow, I played a part in this miracle, no matter how tiny the part, is a gift beyond measure. And the best part is that all that is required of me is to be myself. Please come and join our team of workers.”

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